Module 3 U10 Healthy eating



26. Egypt is famous for (……而闻名)its______/’pɪrəmɪdz/.

27. It’s very nice to have _______/ freʃ / air in the morning.

28. We should have good ________/’hæbɪts / in the life.

【答案】26 pyramids 27 fresh 28 habits


29. Mary can play _____guitar but she can’t play ______ volleyball.

A. the ;the     B.the; /     C /; the       D. / ; /

30. _____ meal and ______ vegetables will make a bad diet.

A. Too many ; enough            B. Too many ; not enough

C . Too much ; not enough         D.Too much ; enough

31. There’s little ______ in the fridge. Let’s go and buy some for breakfast.

A. pear        B. egg      C. bread      D. banana

32. I don’t like this kind of food. It’s too __________.

A. nice      B. delicious       C. tasty         D. spicy

33. Jack’s diet is ________ than mine. He eats too little rice.

A. less healthier    B. less healthy    C.more healthier   D. more healthy

34. The story sounds as _______ as it was ten years ago.

A. most interesting         B. more interesting

C.  interesting             D. the most interesting

35. You _______ have a rest and drink a lot of water every day.

A. shouldn’t    B. are     C. should      D. can’t

36. Wait a moment. The pizza ______ ready soon.

A. will be     B. was     C. has been      D. is

37. —–Would you like to have some more dumplings?

——No, thanks. I ______ enough.

A. have had   B. have     C. had          D. will have

38. ——Where’s your mother, Kitty?

——-She _______ food and drinks for the party in the kitchen.

A. has prepared   B. prepared     C. is prepared   D. will prepared

39. ________ fruits does Ben like?

A.What kind of  B. How kind of   C. What kind    D. How kind

40. ——-I’m sorry , I’ve forgotten your birthday.


A. That’s right.          B.Never mind

C.You’re welcome       D. Of course not.

【答案】29-33BCCDB  34-38CCAAC  39-40AB


29主要考查对 定冠词(the),零冠词 等考点的理解表示演奏乐器时,乐器的前面要加the球类运动前一般不用冠词

30. Too much 修饰不可数名词,too many 修饰可数名词复数,enough 后面接名词,否定直接前面加not

31. Little修饰不可数名词,选项C bread 是不可数名词,其他都是可数名词。

32. 前面是不喜欢,那么ABC选项意思都是美味的,排除

33. Less +原形+than ,more +原形+than,由后面他吃太少的米饭,说明他不健康。

34. As+adj /adv 原级+比较级,这故事听起来和十年前的一样有趣。

35. You should do sth 你应该做某事。

36. 关键字soon,用在将来时,所以该题选一般将来时

37. 已经吃完,用现在完成时。

38. 你妈妈在哪?她在厨房正在为我们准备食物。所以应该用现在进行时表状态。

39. What kind of fruit,哪种水果?What kind of 固定搭配。

40. A对的,B没关系,C不用谢,D当然不是,根据题意所以答案选B.


A. near

B. likes

C. young

D. like

E. friendly

F. old

G. going

Mrs.Green is fifty-three years old now but she looks very young.She is very tall.She has long brown hair.She 41 comedies(喜剧)best.She often watches comedies on TV at night.She likes to wear a ring and beautiful clothes.She looks 42 a great actress(女演员).She works at a TV station(电视台) and she meets lots of people every day.She walks to work every day because her house is 43 the TV station.

She has two daughters.They are also reporters but they work for a magazine(杂志).On weekends,Mrs.Green likes 44 shopping with her daughters.And she always buys many beautiful clothes.”I want to be 45 and beautiful!” She always say.”I enjoy nice words about my looks.”

She is 46 to everyone and likes helping others. All the people like her.

41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46.

【答案】41-46 BDAGCE





41这句话缺少动词,主语是she,所以选择B likes.

42 look like 固定搭配,长得像。


44 like doing sth 喜欢做某事,这里go shopping固定搭配,去购物,所以这里应填going



VIII.Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms(用括号所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子):(共8分)

47.Don’t forget to brush your _______(tooth)twice a day.

48.Ben has a good ________(eat)habit.He eats a lot of vegetables every day.

49.Your car travels _______(fast)than mine.

50.Eddie’s diet is________(health).He eats plenty of hamburgers every day.

51.Don’t put too much ______(salty)in the soup.

52.Lily does no exercise,so she looks______(little)healthy than you.

53.It will taste better if you put the sausage between the two_____(slice)of bread.

54.Doctor Wu gave me some _______(suggest)on diet.

【答案】47.teeth 48.eating 49.faster 50.unhealthy 51.salt 52.less 53.slices 54.suggestions

分析47.名词复数 48.eating habit固搭 49.比较级

IX Rewrite the following sentences as required(根据所给要求,改写下列句子。每空格限填一词):(共10分)

55. They ate a lot of pizza yesterday.(改为否定句)

They _____ ______ a lot of pizza yesterday.

56. John had two chicken wings for lunch yesterday.(改为一般疑问句)

_______ John_______two chicken wings for lunch yesterday?

57. We need plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.(对划线部分提问)

_______ ________fresh fruits and vegetables do we need every day?

58. Peter usually has steamed fish for dinner.(对划线部分提问)

_______ ________Peter usually have for dinner?

59. Anna’s house is not as big as Kitty’s.(改为同义句)

Kitty’s house is _______ ________Anna’s.

【答案】55.didn’t eat 56.Did have 57.How many 58.What does 59.bigger than



分析57.数量问法 59.比较级

Part 3 Reading and Writing

(第三部分 阅读和写话)

X.Reading Comprehension(阅读理解):(共26分)

A.Read and choose the right answer(根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案):(共6分)


January 4,2009

Dear Mum and Dad,

I’m now living with the Wangs.I am sending some photos of the family and their house.First you’ll find a photo of their home.It’s a very typical(典型的)Chinese house.Many Chinese people like houses better than flats.

You can also see some pictures of Mr.Wang and Mrs.Wang,and their children,Wang Hai and Wang Fang.They are now my good friends.

There are some pictures of the garden,too.Every Chinese house has a small garden.The Chinese people work very hard in their gardens.Mr.Wang has a lovely garden.There are many flowers and vegetables in his garden.Everything is so green.Mr.Wang doesn’t have to water the garden every day because it often rains here.When it rains,my friends will say, “Nice weather for plants.”

I really had a good time on New Year’s Day.We didn’t go out that day.We just stayed at home and talked with each other.Mrs.Wang cooked a lot of nice food for me.I like Chinese food very much.

I’ll write to you again soon.



(    )60.This is a letter from______.

A.Mr.Wang B.Mrs.Wang

C.Wang Hai and Wang Feng D.Alice

(    )61.Alice is living_______now.

A.with her parents B.in her own company

C.with a Chinese family         D.at school

(    )62.Alice is______.

A.getting on well with Wang’s family

B.working hard in the Wang’s garden

C.taking some photos of the lovely garden

D.making friends with many Chinese people

(    )63.The Chinese people______.

A.like rain very much B.prefer to live in flats

C.work hard in their gardens     D.like nice weather for the plants

(    )64.On New Year’s Day Mrs.Wang______.

A.didn’t work hard in the garden B.cooked a lot of nice food

C.watered the flowers and vegetables D.took a lot of photos

(    )65.From the passage,we can know that the Wangs are ________.

A.friendly    B.helpful     C.kind       D.all the above



BChoose the words or expressions and complete the passage (选择最恰当的单词或词组完成短文) (7)

As the saying goes, people in the east like ___66__ food,people in the west sour food, people in the south sweet food, and people in the north salted food. It’s not exactly __67__,but it’s a general outline (概况) of Chinese eating habits.
So __68__ do people in different places have such different eating habits? Well, it’s because of the differences in climate.
In some provinces, such as Hunan and Sichuan, the weather is always wet and often cold. When people live in such an environment, it’s __69__for them to sweat (出汗).So they eat a lot of hot peppers to keep healthy.
In the west of China, there is a lot of calcium () in the water and soil.When people drink and eat, they __70__ too much calcium. However,having too much calcium will give them gallstones (胆石). Luckily, people have learnt to use lots of vinegar () to avoid it. In the south, the weather is always rainy and _71__light, which provides good conditions (环境) for growing sugar cane (甘蔗). Naturally, people like to put some sugar into their food. In the north, because the temperature changes greatly through the seasons, vegetables are hard to grow. In order to eat vegetables, the northern people began to pickle (腌制) vegetables ___72__ salt. Gradually, they developed the habit of eating salted food.

66.A)sour B)sweet C) salted D) hot

67. A) right B) wrong C) good D) beautiful

68. A) when B) why C) where D) what

69. A) easy B) hard C) good D) right

70. A)take on B) take off C) take in D) take over

71. A)with B) has C) has no D) full of

72. A) without B) and C) with D) use


【考点分析】hot 热的 辣的

right 对的,正确的

why 为什么,后面有because回答句

hard 困难的 当人们生活在这样的环境下,很难让他们出汗

take in 吸收 take on承担take off 脱掉衣服take over接管

full of 充满

with 使用 。 人们开始用盐腌制蔬菜

C. Complete the passage with proper words (在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺每空格限填一词,首字母已给) (7)

A good rest is very important to all of us. Doctors advise (建议)us to get 3-5 break every 90 minutes in the day and a good sleep at n___73___.

A person should have one day of rest every seven days and two weeks every year. We are living creatures(生物) not machines(机器). Rest is i___74___ to the health of our bodies, minds and spirits. Sleep is an absolute necessity(必需) of life. But some people have a lot of trouble(麻烦) in sleeping. Some people can’t get asleep in a s__75___ time. Some people wake during the sleep from time to time. If you are having the same problems(问题), try to follow the advice: Go to bed and g___76___ up at the same time every day.

Your bedroom should be q___77___, dark and comfortable(舒适的), neither too hot nor too cold.

Eat proper meals earlier in the evening. Don’t eat too m____78__ one hour before you go to bed.

Listen to relaxing music or have a bath before going to bed.

Try to get problems and worries out of your mind.

Have e____79___ exercise every week.

73________  74________  75________ 76________ 77_______

78________ 79________

答案night   important  short  get   quiet  much  enough

【考点分析】 at night 在晚上  与文章的in the day 相对应

be important to ……很重要

in a short time 短时间内

get up 起床  与go to bed 想对应

quiet 卧室应该是安静的 才能好好休息

much       eat too much 吃太多

enough 足够的

D. Answer the questions (根据短文内容回答问题) (6)

Some people believe that when you are old, you can’t start doing anything new. They just stay at home and play every day, but Grandma Moses proved(证明) that this is not ture. One day when she was seventy-eight years old, Anna Moses decided (决定)to start a hobby. She had liked drawing when she was a little girl, so she began painting pictures. An engineer (工程师)who was also an art collector noticed some of Anna’s paintings(画). The engineer thought they are very nice.

She put them in an art show in New York City. Everyone liked them, and Anna Moses became famous. Her paintings were exhibited(展览) all over the United States. People in the US all liked her paintings.

The newspapers named Anna “Gramma Moses” because she was very old. She kept painting for the rest of her life. Gramma Moses lived to the age of 101.

80. What do some people believe ?


81. When did Anna Moses decide to start a hobby?


82. What hobby did Anna Moses decide to start?


83. Did people in the US like her paintings?


84. Why did the newspapers call Anna “Gramma Moses”?


85.How old was Anna Moses when she died?



【小题80Some people believe that when you are old, you can’t start doing anything new.

【小题81Anna Moses decided to start a hobby when she was seventy-eight years old.
【小题82She started painting pictures.
【小题83Yes, they did. 最后一段的第一句话
【小题84because she was very old. 文章倒数第三句话提到了

【小题85she died at the age of 101. 文章最后一句话提到了

  Write a passage of at least 50 words about the topic“ My eating habits”(以《我的饮食习惯》为题,写一篇不少于50个单词的短文。)

My eating habits