Unit 2

Section B Grammar and usage & Integrated skills




1.Talks are likely      (start) next Tuesday. 

答案to start

2.Give Mary a call;she needs cheering      


3.It was an impressive      (perform) by the French team. 


4.People wanted to know who this talented      (design) was. 


5.We are proud      (say) this forum is the heart of our website. 

答案to say

6.Right now,it’s just making you anxious and having a bad influence      your performance. 


7.It is likely      the matter has already been discussed on our forum.I think your parents are too strict with you. 



1.When you see him,please say hello to him.


答案When you see him,please say hello to him.状语从句 

2.Is he the man who wants to see you?


答案Is he the man who wants to see you?定语从句 

3.I want to know what he has told us.


答案I want to know what he has told us.宾语从句 

4.The fact is that we have lost the game.


答案The fact is that we have lost the game.表语从句 

5.What he wants to tell us is not clear.


答案What he wants to tell us is not clear.主语从句 

6.While I agree with you,I can’t go with you.


答案While I agree with you,I can’t go with you.状语从句 

7.He waited until I returned.


答案He waited until I returned.状语从句 

8.Where there is a will,there is a way.


答案Where there is a will,there is a way.状语从句 

9.I shall never forget the day when we moved into our new house.


答案I shall never forget the day when we moved into our new house.定语从句 

10.He hid his storybook so that his teacher couldn’t find it.


答案He hid his storybook so that his teacher couldn’t find it.状语从句 



As a teenager,I was pretty lazy when it came to doing things for my family.I worked hard at school,and sometimes looked after my younger sister.Still,I found myself regularly resisting the urge to 1  out at home with even the simplest things. 

Every Wednesday afternoon,for example,my mother 2  me to another town for a piano lesson.During my two-hour lesson,she’d rush to the nearby store and buy a week’s worth of 3 .Given the fact that my mom had driven me twelve miles there,twelve miles back,4  for my lesson,and bought me a candy bar,you’d think I’d be very 5  to help her bring the groceries into the house.But I wasn’t.I generally just brought in an armload and left the rest for Mom as I ran to my room,shut the door,and started studying. 

Don’t get me wrong:even back in my room,I felt 6  about not helping my mother more.Deep inside,I wanted to change my 7 .But I also realised that once I did change,there’d be no going back.Once I took on more responsibility,my parents would start 8  more of me.At age fifteen,I sensed that this one small change would mark something much bigger:my personal change from a cared-for,spoiled (被宠坏的) child to a more 9  caring and giving young man. 

I’ll never forget the Wednesday when I made a(n) 10  to jump in and see what happened.Returning home from the lesson I disappeared into my room,as usual.But once inside,I felt that deep and burning 11 .Throwing my school books on the bed,I suddenly opened my door and 12  back to the garage to help my mother.How happy I felt that day! 

Surely,over time,I continued to help out with more housework.The neat thing was,the more I helped out,the 13  I felt about myself and my place in my family.As Mom and Dad realised they could 14  on me more,our trips became far less stressful,too.In short,it was a win-win situation for everyone. 

Sometimes the little things we put off doing the longest 15  out to be the simplest things to complete.And feeling happy beats feeling guilty any day. 


1.A.start         B.cry

C.help D.work



2.A.sent B.guided

C.walked D.drove


解析根据下文“Given the fact that my mom had driven me twelve miles there”可知,妈妈开车12英里把“我”送到那里。故选D项。

3.A.fruits B.flowers



C.groceries D.vegetables


解析根据下文“you’d think I’d be very    to help her bring the groceries into the house”可知,妈妈买的是杂货。故选C项。 

4.A.fought B.paid

C.applied D.planned



5.A.grateful B.nervous

C.confident D.unwilling



6.A.excited B.curious

C.doubtful D.guilty



7.A.way B.world

C.career D.shape



8.A.warning B.reminding

C.expecting D.informing



9.A.energetic B.ambitious

C.outgoing D.responsible



10.A.excuse B.decision

C.statement D.appointment


解析那时候“我”决定跳进来看看发生了什么事。make a decision“做决定”,故选B项。

11.A.shame B.anger

C.delight D.pleasure



12.A.called B.looked

C.headed D.handed



13.A.smarter B.better

C.warmer D.stronger



14.A.live B.press

C.focus D.count



15.A.make B.turn

C.point D.bring




I have a lovely brother.He is 4 years younger than me.I still remember that day when he was born.He is 1. premature baby.When he was a little baby,he always used to cry for no reason and hardly slept.He never allowed me and my parents 2. (sleep) well.

As time went by,he 3. (become) a little older.I used to get angry with 4. (he) since he started snatching(抢) all my toys away from me.5.,my parents taught me that he is my younger brother and I 6. make him learn to share things.

Now,7.we still fight over things,we both love each other deeply.We share the same school and have the same 8.(interest),like doing sports,singing and reading.

We do a lot of secret things without informing our parents and if 9. (catch),we will join hands to deal with the situation.Life is fun when we are together.As we are growing old day by day,we are becoming 10. responsible for our duties than before.And we know that no matter where we go in life,we both are always there for each other to face the hardships of life.



1.a 考查冠词。一个宝宝,用a。

2.to sleep 考查非谓语动词。allow sb to do sth“允许某人做某事”,故用to sleep。

3.became 考查动词时态。本文讲述的是过去的事情,用过去时,故用became。

4.him 考查代词。我对弟弟感到生气,故用him。

5.However 考查连词。从上下文看,这里是转折关系,我对弟弟感到生气,但是爸妈说弟弟比我小,要让着他,故用However。

6.should 考查动词。我应该让他学会分享,故用should。

7.although 考查连词。虽然我们还是会有争执,但我们互相关爱,故用although。

8.interests 考查名词。根据下文的“like doing sports,singing and reading”,可知是有共同的爱好,故用interests。

9.caught 考查动词。主语与动词之间是逻辑上的被动关系,故用caught。

10.more 考查形容词比较级。根据下文的than,可知用比较级,故用more。


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