人教版初三上课堂同步练习《 实际问题与一元二次方程》(无答案)

人教版初三上课堂同步练习《 实际问题与一元二次方程》(无答案),初三数学同步练习,人教版,实际问题与一元二次方程,莲山课件.

Unit 4

Section C Extended reading,Project,

Assessment & Further study




1.Your price is too high.We ask for a      (reduce) of 5%. 


2.Houses in the suburbs often have no      (individual). 


3.The town is so      (beauty)!I just love it. 


4.Sewing is considered a      (male) occupation. 


5.There is a      (say) that behind every successful man there’ s a woman. 


6.She once made a brief      (appear) on television. 


7.His being late made it      (possible) for the meeting to be held on time. 


8.I believe they fall upon one another      (blind). 


9.A full man is made by combining efforts with      (confident). 


10.Every great      (achieve) is a dream before it becomes a reality. 




We cannot help the way           people speak of us. 

答案in which


                        him even though he (should) refuse. 

答案It is better to ask


                   that we have no news for you. 

答案I regret to say


                        anyone needs to pay one year of tuition in advance in a language school. 

答案There is no reason why


Each of the five people had                          

答案one fifth of the cake



Fat and shy,Ben Saunders was the last kid in his class picked for any sports team.“Football,tennis,cricket—anything with a round ball,I was useless,”he says now with a laugh.But back then he was the one always made fun of in school gym classes in Devonshire,England.

It was a mountain bike he received for his 15th birthday that changed him.At first he went biking alone in a nearby forest.Then he began to ride the bike along with a runner friend.Gradually,Saunders set up his mind on building up his body,increasing his speed and strength.At the age of 18,he ran his first marathon.

The following year he met John Ridgway and was hired as an instructor at Ridgway’s school of adventure in Scotland,where he learnt about Ridgway’s cold-water exploits.Greatly interested,Saunders read all he could about North Pole explorers and adventures,and then decided that this would be his future.

In 2001,after becoming a skillful skier,Saunders started his first long-distance expedition towards the North Pole.It took unbelievable energy.He suffered frostbite,ran into a polar bear and pushed his body to the limit,pulling his supply-loaded sled up and over rocky rice.

Saunders has since become the youngest person to ski alone to the North Pole,and he’s skied more of the North Pole by himself than any other British man.His old playmates would not believe the change.

Next October,Saunders,27,heads south from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back,a 2900-kilometer journey that has never been completed on skis.


1.What change happened to Saunders after he was 15 years old?

A.He became good at most sports.

B.He began to build up his body.

C.He joined a sports team



D.He made friends with a runner.


解析细节理解题。根据第二段第四句“Gradually,Saunders set up his mind on building up his body”可知他开始锻炼身体。

2.The underlined word “exploits” (Paragraph 3) is closest in meaning to    

A.journeys       B.researches

C.adventures D.operations


解析 词义猜测题。根据第三段最后一句“Greatly interested,Saunders read all he could about North Pole explorers and adventures,and then decided that this would be his future.”这一句是对上句划线单词exploits的进一步解释。出现关键词adventures。

3.What does the story mainly tell us about Saunders?

A.He is a success in sports.

B.He is the best British skier.

C.He is Ridgway’s best student.

D.He is a good instructor at school.




为了让同学们远离疾病,保持身体健康,你班将举行一次英语班会,主题为“How to be strong and healthy”。请你根据下面的提示写一篇发言稿。





How to be strong and healthy

It is obvious that some students are neither in good health nor full of energy. 







How to be strong and healthy 

It is obvious that some students are neither in good health nor full of energy.Therefore,I’d like to offer some suggestions on how to keep healthy and energetic. 

First of all,to get enough sleep,we’d better form the habit of early to go to bed and early to rise instead of staying up late.In addition,we ought to take more exercise and do more outdoor activities to strengthen our body.Last but not least,make sure we keep a balanced diet,which will be beneficial to us.

Follow these suggestions,and we will be strong and healthy and stay away from illnesses.



If there’s one thing I can’t stand people saying,it’s,“I’m no good at anything…I don’t have any talent.” I just don’t buy that at all.To me,everyone has at least one talent,and while it sometimes takes you a lifetime to find,it does exist.There was a time,of course,when I didn’t believe that.What changed my mind was a seemingly small event that took place back in 1953.

At that time I was a high school student.I was a funny-looking skinny little boy named Eugene Orowitz,who weighed barely 100 pounds.I was a good student,but as far as I was concerned,in just about every other department I was a loser.I desperately wanted to fit in,to be something and do something well.But I hadn’t found anything I was good at.One sunny afternoon,our gym class went out to the school’s running track.The teacher taught us all various track and field events.I was a loser in all of them.Then came the javelin (标枪).Suddenly something inside me began saying,“Try it!Try it!” I had to wait my turn,though,because several others wanted a break at the javelin too.Shy and scared,I watched them,trying not to look too eager.Finally,when everyone had had a chance to throw—the best throw going about 30 yards—I looked at the teacher.

“Hey,Orowitz,you want to try?” he asked.

Embarrassed,I looked down,but managed to nod my head.

“Well,come on then,” he said impatiently,and handed me the javelin.Behind me I could hear some of my classmates laughing.As I grasped the javelin in my hand,I was seized with a strange feeling—a new-found excitement.For some crazy reason,I was relaxed over what I was about to do,even though I’d never done it before.I raised the javelin over my head,took six quick steps and let the thing go.The same voice that had urged me into throwing it,now told me it was a good throw.


I watched as the spear took off.My heart quickened 






That night I took the javelin home with me. 







I watched as the spear took off.My heart quickened as I saw it continue to sail,30 yards out,then 40.As it went past the 50-yard mark,it was still going.For a minute nothing was said.Then someone whispered,“Holy cow!” and others began cheering.Nobody could believe what little Eugene Orowitz had just done.I took the javelin back to the gym teacher.“You keep the thing,” he said,still shaking his head in wonder.

That night I took the javelin home with me.The very next day I began practicing with it,and every day that summer—for six hours or more—I would throw it in a nearby schoolyard.By the time I was a member of the track team,all my practice paid off.I threw the javelin 211 feet that year,the best throw by any high school boy in the country.I feel strongly that we must keep our minds open;we can’t let ourselves be discouraged or depressed when the talent doesn’t readily appear.